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An Open Letter To Sheriff Arpaio Supporters

My first blog was a rant against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is not a rant. It’s a direct request to his supporters to rethink their support of him and an attempt by me to be more understanding of their concerns however much I disagree with them.  Through his own deeds his support has waned but I know he has many friends — perhaps you.

I realize that there might have been something comfortable  even quaint about having the nation’s toughest sheriff, as he promoted himself. It was almost economic development. It no longer is. He is a national joke.

I know that he represents the way things were and the way many would like things to be. The state’s a little browner and in most of our lives, certainly in our children’s lives, the majority of this state will be non-white.  The whole country is more divided. Okay, it’s irritating when someone at the drive through window who speaks in his language or with an accent does not quite understand you. Or when someone at the pharmacy talks with an accent and you have to struggle to understand. For the most part no one likes change, and Arizona HAS and IS changing. Continue reading


For Gabby

I think like everyone, the tragic events of January 8 and Congress on the Corner with Gabrielle Giffords, tugged at my heart and my mind. Like many things all my life, I translated my feelings and thoughts into a song. Most often they are sung extemporaneously off my back porch to the stars and neighbors. Occasionally, some become whole cloth, and sometimes a few make it into the studio.

As everyone was, Gabby’s very public battle and triumphant visit to the House floor moved me. Just for a moment in these crazy years we put vitriol aside. Yet, still there are those who will not return and the poignancy of it all was only amplified by husband, Endeavor, Captain Mark Kelly, who returned to space for a final journey. For all the public nature of these events, there is yet something very private about it all.

So, I don’t want to say much. Yes the lyric, “too many bullets in the gun” speaks to our insane gun laws, but it speaks equally to life itself and the unknowing that stands loaded for all of us. Please take some time to listen.